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that was so hilariously short

no audio?

It tells me to rotate my device then I do and it doesn't work!

Yes i was tried to rotate


why i cant play do i need an emulator? Because when i download a emulator it say it stopped working.


if you press alt on your keyboard it will work


we need to click the button z


how start


i press A or B but nothing happens


yup, nevermind



press Z or X 


o m e g a s h o r t



-.- BRUH

-.- BRUH

i just copy it lol


and i like this gam


whats the controls

WOW!It's so cool!!


just press random buttons to start and im on a Mac


Can you pls add Toriel and her home

It's good game but it's so... fast

How do I play, or start..?


You need a emulator for gameboy.

I have one:

no, just press Z or X at the browser

How do I run the game?

You need a emulator for gameboy.

I have one:


I just a bunch of buttons

z or x

cute ol game

presiona z, ami me funciono

when I press a or b nothing happens

i just pressed random buttons on my keyboard until it worked


why is frisk a girl? (frisk is not a girl or boy)

you cant tell if this frisk is a boy or a girl too

No, frisk is nonbinary. 

full game come on my time just got wasted

I don't think it will be possible to re create the full undertale on gameboy file but i think it will be possible to make a mod for undertale with those graphics

do a full game

i thought it said adrb

do undertale characters in enter the gungeon

what if undertale was made in 1998 (playstation)

so who is ready for a dark soulsgame?

wait. is this supposed to be a demo or afull game?


but i want to actually make it as undertale mod


okay even though the original undertale is a full game but you can be able to choose pacifist or genocide

I will just change the textures of undertale into gameboy colors and see how it goes


flowey the flower

flowey te fower

how do i start it

Press x or z on your keyboard

Chill game


Wow... Kinda lame, really. I mean, I was kind of excited, y'know? But... I guess that's it??? I was hoping for a real game, or at least something beyond Flowey. I mean, it's a cool idea! You just kind of... didn't do anything, though. Meh.

Sorry, i don't have the time to work on it. school is my top priority hope you will understand!

No problem, I understand! It’s just a little sad.

Yeah i know i don't think it's really possible to recreate undertale in a gb other than maybe making it a mod for undertale

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